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La Rpf LSA


With its lectures, the forum provides concrete solutions to major concerns related to refrigeration global issues: energy efficiency, competitiveness, security,performance, cost control.
Solutions, operating experience,technological innovations are discussed in each refrigeration application field:construction, industry, mass market, data center, energy.

Lectures are in French only.

4 major subjects

Refrigeration and its regulatory and economic background

Regulation, energy efficiency, eco-design, training, F-Gas...

Le froid commercial et la chaîne du froid
Commercial refrigeration and cold chain

Storage, logistics, central kitchen, tracking, packaging...…

Le froid industriel
Industrial refrigeration

Production system, industrial process, Co2, ammoniac, fluid, technical issues..

Climatisation et conditionnement d'air
Air-cooling and airconditioning

Air-cooling, controlled temperature, renewable energy...

Depending on the city and visitors profile, the program will be adapted in order to provide a qualified content.