November 28-29, 2018 Cité des Congrès - Lyon - France Interprofessional Refrigeration and its Application Trade Show

An event co-organized by

What is SIFA ?

120 exhibitors, more than 2 000 participants, 3 dates : the Sifa is THE event dedicated to all refrigeration players : manufacturers, installers, final users, expertise, OEM…

3 events in France : Paris, Nantes and Lyon

100 Exhibitors
+20 Conferences
+60 Speakers
2 000 Visitors

A trade show / forum union dedicated to concrete issues about refrigeration, air-conditionning and thermodynamic.

Why the Sifa?

To gather all refrigeration players at once: manufacturers, OEM, distributors, installers, final users, suppliers.

To offer a UNIQUE trade show 100% dedicated to refrigeration.

To create a new event suited to the market needs:

  • a bigger exhibition space in order to attract more visitors
  • technical, political and regalatory coferences in order to provide concrete solutions to all function throughout the company
  • to gather PYC and Infopro Digital assets and offer an event mastering upstream and downstream market knowledge.